Pieces is refers to the abnormal return, generally when a file is deleted or formatted partition, and so on and so forth Conventional recovery is to use data recovery software to scan the remnants of the file system information to restore a file or by way of RAW from partition sector search for files Tail to extract the files to find file, or to set a fixed file size Once you find the size of the file header are extracted setting as a file.
However the recovery method for file system metadata information is unavailable or file storage of discontinuity in the partition The conventional recovery method Out of a file Unable to open or no source files.So also appears the pieces we mentioned on this page.
Disk is divided into partition, the partition of the sector is divided into clusters, below each color piece said a cluster.
After above, disk sector according to the file system format, the distribution of cluster. Cluster is the sector according to how many as a group, called clusters
Convenient file system partition management, storage file. We are now in a doc document for hypothesis, doc files stored in the partition of the file system for its hypothesis distribution six clusters to store, which means that the file is divided into six in the partition, as users of a computer system will be in accordance with a bunch of chain complete the document on the display.Once deleted or formatted Then the chain clusters may not be complete or lost, so use some data recovery software If find the file filename file size is not the source file.
Above this doc takes cluster is 102 103 104 105 108 109, other is marked yellow and green and orange red are other data/files
Pieces is based on the internal structure of the file type, find the file from disk sector fragments and then according to the structure of a recovery method, this method does not depend on the file system is entirely dependent on internal structure.Generally thammasat restoration research company using this technique suspect electronic data investigation recovery.
We begin in 2009, this paper studies the file fragments depth recovery program, so far we have developed the following depth recovery software:
MDB ACCDB excellent pieces of ACCESS database recovery tool
Excellent MSSQL database recovery tool MDF LDF NDF
Excellent MSSQL database log file fragments LDF recovery tool
DBF ora excellent pieces of oracle database recovery tool
Excellent oralcle database archive log debris recovery tool
Excellent pieces of MYSQL database recovery tool myd ibdata1 ibd
Excellent binary log file fragments mysql database log recovery tool
Excellent exchange database recovery tool edb STM
Excellent pieces of sybase database recovery tools dat db
Excellent Interbase Firebird FDB GDB database recovery tool
Excellent Interbase Firebird FBK GBK database backup file fragmentation recovery tool
Excellent sqlite db sqlite db file fragments recovered tools
Excellent mongo database recovery tool
Excellent mongo database accidentally delete table and data recovery tools
Excellent posgresql database recovery tool
Excellent posgresql accidentally delete database tables and data recovery tools
And other pieces of the database file recovery program,
For commonly used files such as office document images PDF files we study its internal structure and night recovery algorithm to search the debris from the disk partition according to the internal structure such as file header file end page pointer embedded file, probability factors, entropy, and so on at the moment we common file types for the depth of the pieces have a mature solution.For example, the following documents
Compressed package
Zip, rar, 7 z gz tar. Gz bz tar gzip.bz2 etc. This type of file at the same time provide repair service
Video and audio
Avi mov MP4 MPG 3 gp MTS mpeg WMV asf m2ts HDTV amr wav to mp3 mid the MXF DVR dav, etc. This type of file at the same time provide repair service
Image photo
Jpg BMP PNG jpeg CRW orf rw2 nef arw cr2 DNG mef MRW raf raw x3f PDF CDR PSD ai cad MNG PCX c4d 3 fr KDC DCR MOS pef SRW erf sr2 SRF, etc. This type of file at the same time provide repair service
Office documents
XLS doc PPT XLSX docx PPTX odt ods, etc. This type of file at the same time provide repair service
The database
The Mdb accdb MDF myd ibd ibdata1 DBF ora db sqlite edb GDB ib FDB ost PST olm eml DBX etc. This type of file at the same time provide repair service

For conventional recovery invalid data, customers in need please contact us to pieces.Pieces do not rely on whether Windows Linux file system Unix system such as this algorithm can be restored.