Remote MySQL Recovery

Support online remote recovery, without geographical restrictions.  undelete myisam undrop myisam undrop innodb  recovery lost myd file
Professional is committed to domestic MySql1x, MySql2x, MySql3x, MySql4x, MySql5x , MySql6x  database research.Database recovery tool is developed.Data can be directly extracted from the database file or backup file.This center at:
1. The MySql database disaster recovery, mainly including (and support any version of mariadb database innodb myisam aria engine file recovery and repair)    
(1) a system crash only under the condition of data files, database file does not exist even in cases where only damage to a backup file to restore. Lost or data loss binlog recovery We can restore the binary log file from disk.

(2) accidentally delete data recovery, undrop table recovery, untruncate table recovery, etc., as well as myd ibd ibdata1 file into 0 bytes to recover, especially myd file in many cases Delete records and mistaken delete table and empty table can create files 0 bytes, we can recover from a disk partition to table records. innodb udelete rows myisam undelete rows myd undelete rows

(3) various MySql error repair. Such as MySql transaction cannot be started a deadlock ibdata1 file cannot be started, and so on Support myisam engine innodb engine and common engine      
(4) the MySql database data files ibdata1 and ibd appears bad block recovery.
(5) the MySql data file by mistake delete cases restored. To be covered or old backup reduction of recovery.
(6) on the disk array collapse caused by the mysql database cannot recover or severe damage to repair.
(7) support innodb engine ibdata1 file is missing or overwritten. IBD table file is missing and recovery are covered
Download ibdata1 file is missing recovery tool

Support INNODB engine IBDATA1, files and CSV file, IBD and MYISAM engine.File is missing, and damage repair, DROP, delete, truncate to restore!
At present, we have been developing mysql database recovery tools support version, 3, 4, 5 and 6, support damage repair, support innodb engine Myiasm ibdata1 file ibd myd file repair, support the DROP truncated the delete operations such as recovery

The tool recovers data when backups are not available. It supports recovery from following failures:

  • A table or database was dropped.

  • InnoDB table space corruption.

  • Hard disk failure.

  • File system corruption.

  • Records were deleted from a table.

  • A table was truncated.

  • InnoDB files were accidentally deleted.

  • A table was dropped and created empty one.

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