Remote Oracle Recovery

Oracle database recovery, mainly including but not limited to the following situation
(1) a system crash, only under the condition of the data file recovery without system01. DBF can also extract other table space data from disk to restore lost archive logs.

(2) to undo the system tablespace is damaged. Data recovery of ORA error such as ORA600 stubborn error.Unable to open unable to mount such as unable to EXP, and so on and so forth.
(3) the archive file or mode accidentally delete data recovery, recovery, drop a deleted tablespace truncate the update table.
(4) the database has large CLOB BLOB field objects such as data recovery When the recovery of damage index blocks, and so on and so forth
(5) Oracle7-12 c Expdp export Impdp import DMP file error data recovery, as well as the DMP file is missing pieces.
(6) the oracle database data files in the recovery of bad block cases. The database can't electricity to start the transaction inconsistent ora00600 error and so on intractable problems
Countless according to

(7) the oracle database files but have log. Or no log Without the control file recovery.
Under UNIX, WINDOWS, Linux

(8) ORACLE data file is covered by mistakenly deleted partitions formatted pieces of case database recovery.
(9) Oracle 10-12 c ASM damaged database recovery. Head damage such as equipment, or equipment is covered by the new instance.
(10) Oracle10G, Oracle11G Oracle12C compression table compression damage of table space data recovery, and encryption of data file recovery.
For file cannot be repaired, even unable to complete recovery after lost, we also can be extracted from the underlying table rows of data.
Before we have to develop the oracle database recovery tool Support oracle 8 9 10 g I 11 g 12 c, support a variety of damage failure support ASM, export data.

And of course our oracle odu is similar to oracle DUL recovery tool  Offline unload the oracle database data Regardless of the state is good or damaged.Support the ASM naked devices.