Remote IB database Recovery

Online remote service, break the regional restrictions.The specific test again after quote.
Interbase Firebird database is introduced
InterBase database created again can specify the page size, convenient storage needs of various industries according to their own application software.The expansion of the database name GDB or IB, with other database structure on the same database structure.
We knew all about InterBase and Firebird high and low version of the database structure, such as page size, page system metadata, data page, etc., its advanced technology for repairing need to have a database of customers, provide efficient service!
We can repair InterBase and Firebird each version of the database.
Support power, the system restart, shut down illegal cases such as the database error repair
Support. The IB. GDB. FDB database files, and. GBK. FBK backup file damage repair, etc
Support. The IB. GDB. FDB database files, and. GBK. FBK file such as the missing pieces (byte limit save data)
Support InterBase and Firebird delete table (drop table) delete table data (delete from the table)

Various support database error repair, if consistency, 165 SQL error message - error and so on.
Guaranteed to safely and quickly repair the database, customer software directly use after repair.
Lost support database, a database was mistakenly deleted the underlying database to return to work.Make impossible possible

Independently developed InterBase Firebird database repair tools, check the damage location and shielding compulsory, fast repair damage location Can restore the database function strong!