Remote mongodb Recovery

24-hour service commitment. Support online remote recovery, break the geographical restrictions. After the test offer, the successful recovery was charged.

To undertake MongoDB database repair also known as mango database

(1) the system crashes only in the case of data files recovery, even if the database file does not exist in the case of recovery.

(2) accidental removal of data recovery, accidentally delete the table to restore (drop), accidentally delete the set to delete the database.

(3) various MongoDB bug fixes. If the boot error file is checked and damaged, such as damage to the block check index.


(4) MongoDB database can not start, not available can not be fixed, etc. WiredTiger.turtle lost damage and so on.

(5) MongoDB database data file in the case of bad block recovery and enable encryption can not start repair.


(6) MongoDB database no data files but the partition does not cover the recovery set file, support zlib lz4 snapyy zstd encryption compression and node is not enabled encryption and other files.

(7) MongoDB database only mmapv1 wiredTiger data file does not have .ns or WiredTiger.turtle WiredTiger.wt _mdb_catalog.wt. And other file recovery.

(8) MongoDB data file was mistakenly deleted database accidentally deleted table error delete table data space recovery, etc. 0 byte 0KB recovery

(9) disk array on the MongoDB database is mistakenly formatted for the recovery of Linux UNIX version, Novell Netware version, Windows version of the mongod database accidentally deleted, mistakenly partitioned, mistakenly formatted, partition can not be opened, etc. We can do The database is fragmented

(10) support mongodb gridfs file accidentally deleted recovery, and fs.files collection is deleted and so on.

Since MongoDB has been available since we began to study its internal storage engine mmapv1 wiredTiger and other commonly used storage engine physical structure.

For the accidentally deleted the table to delete the wrong set to delete the physical file accidentally deleted the table data, database damage, etc. can be repaired and restored. Then the physical file is lost can also be recovered from the partition table record.

Support version 2.0-3.4 version, mmapv1 wiredTiger file, such as . .4 .4 etc .WT and other data files.

Has been developed excellent MongoDB database recovery tool can be extracted from the partition or data collection table records, support WT compressed data files.

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Case 1 accidentally deleted collection recovery

Case 2 wt file corruption caused failure to start recovery

Case 3 Delete the database recovery

Case 4 to delete the database to restore Gridfs document recovery

Case 5 Hacker Delete Database Recovery