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Virus decryption MSSQL database recovery
Virus decryption MSSQL database recovery

Good SQL database recovery utility function:
Support various versions of SQL database question doubt power is damaged.
Support SQL database repair damage can't attach all kinds of error problem.
Support SQL database damage and other kinds of bug fixes on page 823824825.
Support MDFNDF file repair support backup file repair perfect support various character set, support from MDF file delete records.
Support various field type support SQL database compression recovery page table compression compression records
Support SQL database systems tabulated fault power system tables inconsistent illegal shutdown caused by bad suspicious doubt database hang down
Support SQL database page PFSGAMSGAM damage is not a valid database is not a valid file first
Support SQL database DBCC beyond repair database data recovery
Support SQL database be blackmail virus encrypted data recovery.(mostly are fully encrypted encrypted database)
Support the blob, image, XML, across the page data and text fields
Multi-user support SQL database architecture, and NDF file group.
Support save the table view function and other metadata and data storage process triggers user data
Support save save or directly connected to the SQL script to a SQL database
For extortion virus database has special effects
. Doubleoffset. Arrow. Java. Arena such as extension of MDF basic encryption database to obtain all the table data need for additional operation because the encrypted little damage.
. Dream. ALCO. CHAK. RESERVE. Xx. GOTHAM. Aleta. TRUE. Rapid. FREEMAN. Sexy. UIWIX. Cobra. Block. Bunny. WHBS. Yoyo. Yaya. BIG2. Similar extension virus measure and so on If using software directly
Scan you will find some data not table some encrypted database table data gibberish in some table fields, of course, also have the name of the table field name data completely ok. It all depends on the system tables.
To cope with this database encryption standard model preview first found data table should have but no preview to the code field value is not correct or table or table data record few select advanced recovery mode scanning again.
Want to get a better effect Need to have a good old backup or same structure based on the structure of the database to repair it is better to use software to scan again.