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ibdata1 ibd file lost recovery
ibdata1 ibd file lost recovery

This tool for Mysql innodb engine cover recovery development ibdata1 file and ibd file is missing.

Support Mysql version 3, 4, 5 6 8  ibdata1 file and ibd partition to be deleted or formatted file recovery support.

Support delete ibdata1 file and ibd recovery by mistake Search piece of restructuring the original file from the disk

Support the partition problem caused by ibdata1 file 0 bytes or ibd is initialized recovery, etc

Support is using ibdata1 file and ibd is covered by the old physical backup file recovery.
Support mysql innodb engine database files and table files, regardless of the mysql platform, if you need to restore the Windows platform to mysql received under Windows need to hard disk.

Support scanning mirror partition disk scan shows a database block distribution

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